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54 54  * Verbosity of the job is now configurable right from the ##org.xwiki.job.Request## object
55 55  * Log generator now generates BeginEvent/EndEvent variants based on marker informations
56 56  * The following ##java.lang.Class## methods are now allowed in Velocity by default: ##name, isArray, isAssignableFrom, isEnum, isInstance, isInterface, isLocalClass, isMemberClass, isPrimitive, isSynthetic##
57 +* Default job status does not provide log tree anymore. Was making the API too complex. It can be created from the log queue very easily in Java and a helper method has been added in logging ScriptService to create one: {{code language="velocity"}}$services.logging.toLogTree($logs){{/code}}
58 +* Various APIs have been added to help translate log. See [[Logging Module>>extensions:Extension.Logging Module||anchor="HTranslatelog" ]] for more details.
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58 58  = Translations =
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