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63 +The 'Object Type' facet displays the XClass names in a prettier way. In case you want to know the actual document that defines the XClass you can hover on the XClass pretty name.
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67 +We also improved the way Static List properties are indexed. We now index the raw value (what is saved in the database) as verbatim (without being analysed, for exact matching) and the display value (what is specified in the XClass) as localized text (using the locale of the document that holds the XObject).
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63 63  === RSS Feed ===
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65 65  We added a RSS feed for Solr search results. You can find the link on the default search page after the list of results. The feed provides the most recent results that match the current search query and filters. It contains the same type of information that was included in the Lucene search RSS feed.

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