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66 66  We made important changes to the [[Solr schema>>]] in this release and unfortunately we don't have support for automatic Solr search index migration at this point. If you upgrade from XWiki 4.3 Milestone 2 or greater then **you have to delete the 'solr' folder** from the configured permanent directory of your XWiki instance. The Solr index will be recreated automatically and the entire wiki/farm will be re-indexed after a server restart.
67 67  {{/error}}
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69 +The following index fields are now *multiValued*: class, filename, mimetype and attcontent. The reason is because these fields are now used also on document index rows, and a document can have multiple XObjects and multiple attachments. This is a consequence of the fact that we now index XObject and attachment data on document rows to avoid the need for using joins in the Solr query syntax when matching documents with specific XObjects and attachments.
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69 69  == API Breakages ==
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71 71  The following APIs were modified since XWiki 5.2.2:

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