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11 11  * The ##history## URL parameter is ignored when [[exporting a page as XAR>>platform:Features.Exports||anchor="HXARExport"]] ([[XWIKI-9913>>]]). The workaround is to switch to old packager plugin using property ##xwiki.action.export.xar.usewikistream## in ##xwiki.cfg## file.
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13 13  They will be fixed in XWiki 5.3.1 and later.
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15 +In addition the WikiStream-based standard import UI is not really usable, see [[XWIKI-9932>>]]. As a workaround you can use the [[WikiStream application>>extensions:Extension.XWiki Platform - WikiStream - UI]] to import a XAR.
14 14  {{/error}}
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16 16  This release comes with a new syntax guide and brings improvements to the Solr search, multi-wiki support and the Wiki Stream module. You can now choose the user scope (local, global or both) and also create wiki templates from the wiki creation wizard. The Wiki Stream can be used to import large XARs and content from the Confluence wiki. The Solr search UI has been polished: we added new facets and improved the results display. The Solr index has been modified to support the search for documents matching specific values in multiple object properties and attachments. As a consequence you can now facet and sort the search results based on property values and attachment meta data. A lot of bug fixes (115) and many improvements (55) complete this release and make it worth trying.

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