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45 45  {{image reference="new-xwiki-menu.png"/}}
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47 +== Solr-based search suggest ==
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49 +Starting with this version the [[search suggest>>doc:extensions:Extension.Search Application||anchor="HSearchSuggest"]] feature takes into account the configured search engine. To achieve this we added a new property to ##SearchSuggestSourceClass## that specifies the search engine used by the source. We also created a search suggest service based on Solr and we added search suggest sources that mimic the behaviour of the existing Lucene-based sources. As a result, the search suggest feature is now using Solr by default (as Solr is the default search engine starting with 5.1).
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51 +We also improved the search suggest administration section
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53 +{{image reference="searchSuggestAdminSection.png" /}}
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55 +and we simplified the source creation form.
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57 +{{image reference="searchSuggestSourceForm.png" /}}
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47 47  == Active Installs Tracking ==
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49 49  It' very important for the open source committers to understand how well or how badly they're faring when developing the XWiki open source project. So far we didn't know if the number of people using XWiki was increasing, decreasing or staying stable. This module allows us to know who's using XWiki.

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