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25 25  A new section is available in the administration of the main wiki to manage who has this right.
26 26  {{image reference="admin-subwikis.png"/}}
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28 +== Active Installs Tracking ==
29 +
30 +It' very important for the open source committers to understand how well or how badly they're faring when developing the XWiki open source project. So far we didn't know if the number of people using XWiki was increasing, decreasing or staying stable. This module allows us to know who's using XWiki.
31 +
32 +It does the following:
33 +* A client side JAR is bundled with XWiki and it sends a ping with data once per day
34 +* A server side Application is installed on, allowing us to query the data sent and to display a counter of Active Installs of XWiki (i.e. installs for which we've received a ping in the last N days, for example at least one ping in the past month).
35 +
36 +The data sent is anonymous and consists of the following:
37 +* A unique id (UUID) representing the XWiki instance. Note that not even the IP is kept and there's no way to find who's having a give UUID (it's generated using Java's UUID implementation)
38 +* The date of the ping
39 +* The technical ids and versions of extensions you have installed.
40 +
41 +This will allow us to present the following data:
42 +* Number of total installs of XWiki
43 +* Number of Active Installs
44 +* Most used extensions across versions of XWiki
45 +* How frequently the XWiki user base upgrades to newer versions of XWiki
46 +
47 +{{info}}
48 +In the near future we'll offer a UI feature to opt-out (in the Administration pages) but at the moment if you wish to opt-out (please don't, we need your help, knowing who's using us and that it's growing is what keeps us motivated to continue developing XWiki!), then simply remove the ##WEB-INF/lib/xwiki-platform-activeinstalls*## JAR and restart.
49 +{{/info}}
50 +
28 28  == Miscellaneous ==
29 29  
30 30  * The ##line## [[chart>>doc:extensions:Extension.Chart Macro]] type has two parameters, ##hideShapes## and ##hideLines##, to hide the shapes used to display the data points or to hide the interpolation lines that connect the data points.(((

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