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9 9  = New and Noteworthy (since XWiki 4.3 Milestone 1) =
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11 -== New Solr based search engine ==
12 -
13 -A new and __experimental__ search engine based on [[Apache Solr>>]] is now available.
14 -
15 -The new search UI offers advanced search features and results highlighting. Future versions will also include [[Faceted Search>>]].
16 -
17 -{{image reference="solrSearchFilters.png" /}}
18 -
19 -The new engine has it's own index, separate from the Lucene one, which is stored by default in the ##<permanent directory>/solr## folder. In the same folder you can also access Solr's configuration files together with the index's schema.xml which you can tweek to achieve better results. To change this folder's location, you can either pass the ##-Dsolr.solr.home## system property when you start the application container (tomcat/jetty/etc.) or you can set the ##search.solr.home## property in ##WEB-INF/xwiki.preferences##.
20 -
21 -For now, indexing is done only __manually__ by using the Search Administration UI. Because of this, in order to get any search results, you have to go to ##Administration > Applications > Search## and index/reindex the wiki. Any changes in the content of the wiki will not be searchable until you manually reindex. This limitation will be removed in future versions, once the feature matures.
22 -
23 -{{image reference="solrSearchAdmin.png" /}}
24 -
25 -This new search engine is not enable by default, since Lucene is still the default one, but, if you wish to try it out, it can be enable by going to ##Administration > Applications > Search > Search engine to use## and selecting ##Solr (Experimental)##.
26 -
27 27  == Default date picker ==
28 28  
29 29  The date picker from [[AppWithinMinutes>>extensions:Extension.App Within Minutes Application]] is now the default picker for all [[XClass>>platform:DevGuide.DataModel]] properties of type Date. This means that you'll get a date picker when editing an object with a Date property even if you didn't use AppWithinMinutes to create the XClass.

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