Release notes for XWiki Office 1.1 M1

Version 2.6 by Sorin Burjan on 2011/03/31

Summary of changes introduced in version 1.1 M1

  • Styling support for XWord 2007
  • Export to on page style extensions
  • Better text formatting
  • Fixed encoding issues

XOffice 1.1 M1 is only compatible with XWiki 2.2 M1 or above


For a complete guide to XWord features be sure to check our User Guide.

Known issues

Detailed release notes

Release Notes - XWiki MS Office Integration - Version 1.1 M1


  • [XOFFICE-133] - CorrectAttributesCleaner pre-DOM filter introduces quotes inside attributes values
  • [XOFFICE-144] - Client type not rollbacked when pressing cancel on settings dialog
  • [XOFFICE-156] - Spelling mistake on "Upload"
  • [XOFFICE-181] - Coloured text in Word is black when you see it in the browser
  • [XOFFICE-186] - Can't save documents that contains french accents


  • [XOFFICE-159] - One of the actions in dialog boxes should be highlighted
  • [XOFFICE-187] - Use "onPage" ssx for style support


  • [XOFFICE-124] - Convert inline styles to CSS classes
  • [XOFFICE-125] - Convert css classes to inline styles
  • [XOFFICE-126] - Optimize css classes
  • [XOFFICE-127] - Implements AddObject and GetObject methods for XWikiXMLRPCClient
  • [XOFFICE-128] - Methods for sending and getting stylesheet extensions for a page
  • [XOFFICE-129] - Local To Web Style Support
  • [XOFFICE-130] - Web To Local Style Filter
  • [XOFFICE-132] - Validate DOM on cleaning tests
  • [XOFFICE-134] - Improve HeadSectionRemover pre-DOM filter
  • [XOFFICE-136] - Set 'cache' property to 'long' for SSX objects created by XWord
  • [XOFFICE-138] - Create UICommons project to contain shared addins UI
  • [XOFFICE-143] - Move XWordSettings in XWikiLib
  • [XOFFICE-145] - Move LoginData in XWikiLib
  • [XOFFICE-172] - Convert content to target syntax when saving a page
  • [XOFFICE-174] - Use new rendering methods when opening a page for edit


  • [XOFFICE-137] - Use/demand the stylesheet extension object in current page
  • [XOFFICE-140] - Move AddinSettingsForm to UICommons
  • [XOFFICE-141] - Move AddPageForm to UICommons


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