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Release Notes for XWiki Workspaces 1.1 Milestone 2

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Changes from XWiki Workspaces 1.1 Milestone 1

New features implemented

  • Global roles

    It is now possible to affect registered users to global roles : Power Users and Administrators, in order to delegate responsibilities: workspace creation or invitation of new members to workspaces (see invitations of external users). You can manage this new groups of users, and tune the responsibilities per-role in the global administration.

  • Public registration mode

    The public registration mode allows a XWiki Workspaces admin to configure his instance so that external people can create their own accounts in order to join the Workspace. User creation is captcha-protected to prevent robots from registering. The feature can be activated / deactivated by editing settings on the Global Admin page.

  • Invite external users to your workspaces

    Now you can invite people who are not registered yet on the XWiki Workspaces instance to come and work in existing workspaces. To do so, simply click on the "Manage users" link while in a workspace. You can enter either an email address or a mailing list email address (the invitation will therefore remain open until you choose to close it). You can restrict external user invitation to Power Users only for security reasons.

  • Choose your applications at workspace creation time

You can now decide which applications should be available within any given workspace. You can set them either at workspace creation time (by checking the relevant boxes) or by clicking on the "Manage applications" links while in any given workspace (though you need to be an Admin of tha workspace).

Full release notes

You can read the full release notes on JIRA

Known issues

Issues we know about


Read the Installation guide on

Upgrading from an older version

The process to upgrade an existing WAR installation of XWiki Workspaces is very similar as the one described here for XWiki Enterprise. You will need to save your configuration files (xwiki.cfg and hibernate.cfg.xml) in order to keep the new war working with your environment.

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