Release Notes for XWiki Watch 1.1 milestone 1

Version 4.3 by Vincent Massol on 2011/10/10

Release Notes for XWiki Watch 1.1 milestone 1

 Version 1.1 milestone 1 brings a lot of improvements for the XWiki Watch user interface and makes progress in the direction of improving Watch Reader loading speed (XWATCH-146). A notable change is that the distribution method for Watch has changed, it can no longer be installed just as a .xar archive (see the installation instructions for more details).

Changes from 1.0

Release Notes - XWiki Watch - Version 1.1 M1

  • Improvement
    • XWATCH-95 - Deny access to Watch UI for users that haven't edit access level on the watch space
    • XWATCH-123 - Don't allow duplicate tags for article
    • XWATCH-194 - Change ArticleList UI
    • XWATCH-207 - Exhaustive feed list on watch wiki portal home page
    • XWATCH-208 - Live grid for wiki portal feed sheet
  • Tasks
    • XWATCH-191 - Prepare build for the creation of Watch server module
    • XWATCH-198 - Add a mechanism to enable local loading in the UI
    • XWATCH-209 - Update the application description document to match the new ApplicationManager application
  • Sub-tasks
    • XWATCH-201 - Optimize article list query
    • XWATCH-202 - Optimize feeds, groups and keywords query
    • XWATCH-203 - Rewrite all custom queries to be done on the Watch server side

Known issues

Bugs we know about

Note that XWiki Watch does not work properly with an Oracle database yet. See XWATCH-103


See the installation notes.


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