PDF Export Application Improvements

Last modified by Marius Dumitru Florea on 2022/09/29

The PDF Export Application (which is still experimental and not bundled in XWiki Standard) has a couple of improvements:

  • The user's own web browser is now used by default to generate the PDF, but the application can still be configured to use a remote Chrome instance or one that runs inside a Docker container. Check out the migration section below for more information.
  • When a remote (or Docker based) Chrome instance is used for PDF printing the application now checks if connection is working before showing the PDF export options. An error message is shown in case the Chrome browser can't be accessed.
  • In case of PDF export failure, the last error message from the PDF export job log is now displayed.
  • The underlying JavaScript library used for paginating the content before printing to PDF (PagedJS) has been upgraded to its latest version.

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