Browser-based PDF Export Used by Default

Last modified by Marius Dumitru Florea on 2022/11/29

Starting with this version the new browser-based (client-side) PDF Export is used by default, replacing the old PDF export based on Apache FOP (Formatting Objects Processor). Some of the benefits are:

  • dynamic content generated with JavaScript code is now included in the PDF export
  • the CSS styles used in the PDF export are the same as those used when viewing the wiki page
  • multi-page export supported by default
  • writing custom PDF templates is easier

The new PDF Export implementation is still young so you are encouraged to report any issues you may encounter, or propose improvements. If you want to get back the old PDF export implementation, it's easy: there's a configuration option on the PDF Export wiki administration section. If you want to disable the new PDF export implementation completely, that's also possible, either by leaving the list of PDF templates empty in the dedicated administration section, or simply by uninstalling the PDF Export Application.


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