Replace Jobs with threads to handle mentions asynchronously

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2021/04/06

The user mention analysis, to detect new mentions and send notifications to target users, is now done by a pool of threads.


A configuration option to define the size of the thread pool is available in

#-# [Since 12.6]
#-# The detection and notification for the user mentions in created or edited content is done asynchronously
#-# by a pool of consumers.
#-# This properties controls the size of this pool.
#-# The default is :
# mentions.poolSize = 1

JMX Monitoring

An object named org.xwiki:name=mentions is provided and provides two attributes and one operation:

  • QueueSize: Displays the number of elements (created or updated pages) to be analysed.
  • ThreadNumber:  The number the threads in the thread pool.
  • clearQueue(): Removes all the elements in the queue. Warning: By doing so some pages will not be analysed and some mentions will be missed. To be used carefully.



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