Allow IndexerJob to be triggered wiki per wiki on farms

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2021/06/14

Until now when the configuration solr.synchronizeAtStartup was set to true, the indexer job was trigger for the whole farm of wiki, which could have been resource consuming for the machine. We added a new configuration for the Solr Search API that allows to trigger the index job only when sub-wikis are starting (default behaviour now) or for the whole farm as it was done before. You can find the following configuration in

#-# [Since 12.5RC1]
#-# Indicates which wiki synchronization to perform when the "solr.synchronizeAtStartup" property is set to true.
#-# Two modes are available:
#-#   - WIKI: indicate that the synchronization is performed when each wiki is accessed for the first time.
#-#   - FARM: indicate that the synchronization is performed once for the full farm when XWiki is started.
#-# For large farms and in order to spread the machine's indexing load, the WIKI value is recommended, especially if
#-# some wikis are not used.
#-# The default is:
# solr.synchronizeAtStartupMode=FARM

This option default value changed between 12.5RC1 and 12.5. The default value was WIKI in 12.5RC1 and is now FARM since 12.5


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