Allow to follow an entire Wiki

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2021/04/06

It is now possible to follow not only XWiki Users, but also an entire Wiki as any other actor. Following a Wiki will allow to receive ActivityPub events for any document created or updated on that wiki. It is also possible for the people who administrate the Wiki to use it as an ActivityPub actor to send messages or follow other people.

To follow a Wiki just go to the ActivityPub Dashboard as a guest user, and you will get the identifier to use for following that wiki. To manage the Wiki actor, if you are entitled to do so, once you are logged-in on your Wiki you should be able to switch roles in the ActivityPub dashboard.

Some options are available in the Administration for managing the Wiki actor: you can chose which XWiki Group is entitled to manage the ActivityPub Wiki Actor. By default, the Admin group is selected, but you can use any group. Any people belonging to that group will be able to perform actions on behalf of the Wiki on ActivityPub, such as receiving the notifications for the Wiki, following people/other Wiki, send messages etc.


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