Project Release Notes

Version 378.1 by Guillaume Delhumeau on 2015/02/09

Please find below the release notes for Top-Level XWiki Projects. Release notes for extensions not bundled in the top level XWiki Projects can be found directly in the documentation for the said extension on the Extensions wiki.

In order to better understand the notions of Major releases, Minor releases, Bugfix releases, Milestones and Release Candidates, check our Versioning & Release Practices.

XWiki Platform, XWiki Enterprise & XWiki Enterprise Manager

These projects are always released together and share the same version numbers and, as such, share the same Release Notes. In the past (prior to version 4.2M1), the Release Notes for XWiki Platform and XWiki Enterprise were combined while XWiki Enterprise Manager had its own Release Notes. They can be found in the Release Notes Archives.

Cycle 7.x

Version 7.0.x

Cycle 6.x

Version 6.4.x

Version 6.3.x

Version 6.2.x

Version 6.1.x

Version 6.0.x


See the Archived Release Notes page for all older releases.

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