• Aldo Mendez
    Aldo Mendez, 2009/01/15

    I copy the code for this page to my own wiki because i'm trying to create a page like this in my server, that allows me to create a form to keep trak of documents as well info related to them, the way this page is constructed is fully usefull but I need to know how I can do It, and wath I need, I need to keep track of 

    owner, No Control, Status, StartDate, LastUpdate, DueDate, Area, PastDue, %OfComplet, Cost, among others.

    Things I need to know: Where to write in the dataBase and how, and, what i need to create the page that is showed after I press the "add this proyect" button

    Optional If you want to show me how to retrive tha data will be great for me!

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