Sponsoring Companies

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2024/04/04

The following companies are investing substantially in the development of the XWiki project and they all have at least 1 active core Committer in the project (see XWiki.org governance for details). If you wish to help the XWiki open source project develop and improve you should consider buying something from these companies:

LogoCompanySupport provided to the XWiki projectProfessional Services/Support
xwikisas.pngXWiki SAS
  • Creator of the XWiki open source project
  • 8 active core committers developing the project + 4 active contributors (not committers)
  • Financing and operating the various xwiki.org web sites (xwiki.org, l10n.xwiki.org, ci.xwiki.org, nexus.xwiki.org, nexus-snapshots.xwiki.org maven.xwiki.org, sonar.xwiki.org, jira.xwiki.org, lists.xwiki.org, etc)
  • Financing and operating the free myxwiki.org farm for non profit companies and individuals.
  • Community support on the XWiki forum and chat channel
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Thus XWiki SAS is currently the Top Sponsoring company according to the Governance definition.

Note: the following companies used to be sponsoring companies but they no longer have any active core committer:

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