• Fabrício Souza
    Fabrício Souza, 2013/04/18

    How do I get access to source code for change?


  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2013/04/19

    Please use the Mailing List/Forum to ask questions!

  • Genivaldo Thaynã Carneiro de Campos

    Good afternoon I would like to know how to do is create a form with a text box which when completed and clicking the submit button it triggers the message to other emails.



  • Sunil Saw
    Sunil Saw, 2013/07/22

    Accidentally I deleted the file "xwiki/bin/download/Invitation/WebHome/InvitationSectionIcon.png"
    Now how to attach that file again(anyhow.. i got that image but I am not able to upload it).
    Please help for the same ASAP. 

  • GaborGossmann
    GaborGossmann, 2013/11/08

    Dear Sirs,
    My problem I want to create Wiki for a minimal- very small traffic.
    After same use the GChelp destroy my pages.
    What shell i do?

  • Evandro Fonseca
    Evandro Fonseca, 2014/01/31

    Error import jpeg images of wiki pages, file metadata-extractor-2.6.2., "segment size would extend beyond file stream lenght"

    After import > http://imageshack.com/a/img802/1921/ylwy.jpg

    Images lost quality, some others lost all image.

  • wu jintao
    wu jintao, 2014/11/25

    How to modify the word "XWikiLogin" on login web page.

  • NSBen
    NSBen, 2015/03/17

    How to use the source code in eclipse build xwiki web project?

  • Sander van der Salm
    Sander van der Salm, 2015/07/15

    My overview of watched elements isn't working. What could be the cause of this? I'm watching a number of pages at the moment, but they won't show in the  Watched elements overview. (XWiki 6.1)

  • Sander van der Salm
    Sander van der Salm, 2015/07/15

    Is it possible for the adminstrator to delete all the watched elements for all useres in a Wikispace? (XWiki 6.1)

  • khu ema
    khu ema, 2016/12/01

    Hi guys, I am facing the problem with office server. The server path is not auto detected. Iam edit it in xwiki.properties but still the same. Someone help me

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