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Profile of Adam Smith

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Last modified by Adam Smith on 2021/04/20
, dig around in the logic behind the concept and devise an effective solution that inspires action

Totem Application

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Last modified by Admin on 2022/02/28
description : Application that allows to create totems. A Totem is a content composed of several sections and each section contains multiple items. A section can be displayed with different ways according to the concept of displayers (For example : Carousel, Article, image, video, simple text ...etc

Discussions Macro

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Last modified by Admin on 2023/02/06
Server.WebHome]] * [[Extension.Discussions REST.WebHome]] = Concepts = == Discussion Context
the different elements, and to dynamically chose the storage location. To do so, two concepts have been put

Simple Forum Application

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Last modified by Alex Cotiugă on 2021/03/17
be considered as a "proof of concept". Due to some design decisions (mainly due to "write on read" for Views
notes : This is initial Proof of Concept.

Profile of Ambassador Management Services

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Last modified by Ambassador Management Services on 2022/08/05
SERVICES** - Concept & Campaign Development - Message Model Development - Logo Design - Digital & Social

XWiki Rights API - API

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Last modified by Anca Luca on 2023/01/02
as a dependency. {{/info}} = Concepts = Similar to the [[authorization API>>Extension.Security Module
of the existing XWiki concepts, there is no new implementation of the rights or of their storage. It is fully
), the access rights do endup stored as XWikiRights or XWikiGlobalRights objects, but those concepts


Last modified by Andy Tripp on 2020/06/10
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to compile, deploy, etc). General Architecture Architecture Concepts: XWiki is a webapp that is deployed
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actions (no need to compile, deploy, etc). = General Architecture = Architecture Concepts: * XWiki

Franchise Ecowash mobile

Last modified by Benjamin Lanciaux on 2013/10/23
Description : Ecowash Mobile is the worldwide leader of waterless car wash (done by hand). Their story began in 2004 in Australia and the concept has been deployed in nearly 10 countries since. In France, it exists since 2008.

E.L.S.A. Service

Last modified by Denis Gervalle on 2012/12/20
Description : The E.L.S.A service aims to provide to people with disabilities an opportunity to go on holiday in a place accessible and appropriate to their disability, by extending the concept of home exchanges to disabled people. It was initiated by the GIHP Acquitaine in France without any commercial

Labelled Color Application

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Last modified by Djebloun Sidali on 2021/03/17
comment : Hi Sidali, Interesting concept :) Some feedback: - ThemesCode space pages should be hidden, same for pages inside Themes space (the generated pages); - Themes should have an entry in the Applications panel, read more at
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