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E.L.S.A. Service

Last modified by Denis Gervalle on 2012/12/20
Description : The E.L.S.A service aims to provide to people with disabilities an opportunity to go on holiday in a place accessible and appropriate to their disability, by extending the concept of home exchanges to disabled people. It was initiated by the GIHP Acquitaine in France without any commercial


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once you understand its concepts and how it works! You may be proud, XWiki team! 12 February 2012
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/#!/yannickloth/status/172641714576687104]]:((( > #XWiki is a great tool once you understand its concepts and how

Basics: What's special about XWiki?

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is available [[on the extensions wiki>>extensions:Main.WebHome]]. {{success}} **Next: [[XWiki basic concepts

Second Generation Wiki

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{{velocity}} $xwiki.ssx.use("Documentation.UserGuide.Features.SecondGenerationWiki.WebHome") #set($docextras=[]) {{/velocity}} {{html wiki="true"}} <div class="row concept"> <div class="col-md-9
the concept of [[Long Tail>>]]. <p


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field to applications descriptors. * XAWM-23: Separate wiki and wiki alias concepts. * XAWM-26

XWiki At Octo IT University Conference

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-USI-1.2.ppt} which explained the concept of Wiki 2.0 (a.k.a Structured Wikis or Application Wikis

Page Editing

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="HWYSIWYGeditingmode"/}} = Setting the page parent = {{version since="7.2"}} The concept of setting the page


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reading ~-~- what a concept (I'm impatient sometimes). Tom
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