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Labelled Color Application

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Last modified by Djebloun Sidali on 2024/07/05
comment : Hi Sidali, Interesting concept :) Some feedback: - ThemesCode space pages should be hidden, same for pages inside Themes space (the generated pages); - Themes should have an entry in the Applications panel, read more at

Totem Application

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Last modified by Admin on 2024/07/08
description : Application that allows to create totems. A Totem is a content composed of several sections and each section contains multiple items. A section can be displayed with different ways according to the concept of displayers (For example : Carousel, Article, image, video, simple text ...etc

Simple Forum Application

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Last modified by Alex Cotiugă on 2024/07/05
be considered as a "proof of concept". Due to some design decisions (mainly due to "write on read" for Views
notes : This is initial Proof of Concept.
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