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XWiki Forms & URL Mappings

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Last modified by Philipp Roessler on 2020/01/28
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. Example to illustrate formentioned concepts. Ex: Ajax request to add and init an object
comment : The combination of *actions* (like <tt>save</tt>) and *request parameters* (like <tt>xredirect</tt>) obviously is a very powerful means to work with XWiki documents. Is there any documentation on that? Where do these concepts belong to in the first place, Struts, XWiki, Velocity or another technology?
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", or "1" {table} 1.1 Sample use cases TBD. Example to illustrate formentioned concepts. Ex: Ajax

Organizing Knowledge Using Topic Models

Last modified by Michael Hamann on 2023/02/03
(a concept in XWiki that is similar to a directory in a filesystem). You can read more about how topic
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