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Dec 08 2017

Bug Fixing Day 157

This Thursday we had our Bug Fixing Day #157. We've managed to close 1 bug (1 real fix) with 1 participant. We are still at -47 bugs behind the 500 days period. ...

Nov 29 2017

XWiki 9.10.1 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 9.10.1. This is a bug fix release that bring corrections for important issues we have discovered since 9.10 has been released. ...

Nov 20 2017

XWiki 9.10 Released

This is mostly a release focusing on improving the new Notifications feature, in order to make it as polished and usable as possible before the end of the year (i.e. before the end of the Cycle and before we elect a new LTS release). It also contains several bug fixes. ...

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