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Jan 15 2016

Bug Fixing Day 91

Yesterday we had our Bug Fixing Day #91. We've managed to close 4 bugs (2 real fixes). We are still at -86 bugs behind the 1 year period. ...

Dec 28 2015

XWiki 7.4 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of the XWiki 7.4 release. This is our last stabilization release for the XWiki 7.x cycle. It mainly brings polishing and stabilization for the Nested Pages feature, especially in the UI. Among other things, this release introduces a new notifications menu with the watchlist actions inside. Application Within Minutes now creates a Code and a Data page where the application content is stored. And it is now possible to have template hierarchies and to add an redirection when a page is renamed. See the release notes for more information.  ...

Dec 22 2015

OW2con'15: XWiki Product and Community

Guillaume Delhumeau, one of our developers, has recently been invited to talk at the OW2 conference about the XWiki project and its community. It's a brief resume about our governance rules, and an example of collaboration between a sponsoring company and the community. ...

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