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24 24  * Since the community has no official legal existence, and since this site allows users to register an email address to get news about XWiki, the collection of those emails is done by XWiki SAS, according to the defined [[Governance>>dev:Community.Governance]].
25 25  * User sessions on are tracked using [[Mouseflow>>]]. The goal is to improve the user experience on the site and also improve the user experience on XWiki Enterprise by analysing the Mouseflow recordings on (since the Playground is using an almost not-modified version of XWiki Enterprise).
26 +* XWiki Enterprise sends a ping to by default every day, in order to gather anonymous statistics. This allows to generate the [[Active Install Dashboard>>ActiveInstalls.WebHome]]. For details on the data collected, see the [[Active Installs client documentation>>extensions:Extension.Active Installs Client API]].
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