Top Level Projects

Version 29.1 by Vincent Massol on 2011/09/25 is a fully-featured software forge, dedicated to host projects that relates to wikis.

Active Projects

Hereunder is the full list of active Top Level Projects of the XWiki Forge:

Project NameWhat is it?
XWiki EnterpriseA fully-featured wiki for the Enterprise. It's also a second generation wiki offering the ability to install and develop small applications inside wiki pages.
XWiki Enterprise ManagerAn application to manage a farm of XWiki Enteprise instances, allowing large-scale organization and massive scalability.
XWiki PlatformThe generic wiki platform offering runtime services for applications built on top of it.
XWiki EclipseDesktop application targeted to developers for productivity/offline editing of XWiki pages
XWiki OfficeAn add-in to edit XWiki pages from MS Word
XWiki WatchA social RSS reader allowing groups to collaboratively follow information news and filter it.
XWiki RenderingA generic Rendering system that converts textual input in a given syntax (wiki syntax, HTML, etc) into another syntax (XHTML, etc).
ContribAn umbrella project under which external contributions (such as macros, applications, and more) can be added (no need to be an XWiki Committer to create a new project there).
CurrikiOpen Source Curriculum Sharing and Editing based on the XWiki Platform

Retired Projects

Project NameWhat was it?
XWiki WorkspacesA powerful yet easy to use collaboration solution, organized around the concept of spaces and their applications.
XWiki ChronopolysProject management application for managing portfolio of projects
 Egyptian metal workers - GNU Free Documentation 

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