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Some testimonials found on the web about XWiki.

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  • 28 January 2016, from Finstern-Atos on IRC:

     I thank you too for developping this awesome application, it's the best out there, I think it really/

     I developed a Knowledge Base that evolved as an all in one tool for my administration team. For this project, I checked with a lot of solution but they were either too expensive or needed way too much development expertise for me. Xwiki let me create the perfect tool for my team, perfectly answering my need with it's awesome flexibility, integrated features, and plugin. I would really like to thank the team for this awesome software, the documentation avaiable, and the dedication and patience they offered me. My project was a success thank to them.

  • 19 January 2016, from Mike Hoolehan, CTO @vCalc LLC:

     We've built a major part of our application around XWiki, and throughtout the process we've been pleased and impressed with the power and flexibility XWiki has provided.
     Everything we've wanted to build with our wiki-based product been possible due to XWiki's well planned architecture.  Congrats and thanks to the XWiki team.

  • 09 December 2015, from Christophe Trefois:

     my god
     the nested pages with the tree stuff is like the best thing EVER to have been done in xWiki

  • 02 December 2015, from Murilo Beriam:

    Since our company started using XWiki our corporate knowledge is safe. It is really easy to use, flexible, straightforward and powerful. There is no excuse not to register our day by day discoveries in it. We share documents and wiki pages among the staff, replacing old pseudo-collaborative tools. And the search is amazing! If you need something more specific, there are extensions with zero effort to aggregate - they are just a few clicks away from you. We had ZERO problems with it. I highly recommend adopting XWiki. 

  • 25 November 2015, from Ricardo Rodríguez:

     I've just updated to XWiki 7.3. I'm really happy to keep enjoying XWiki and to see how the framework is evolving. The interface is now cleaner, much nicer. All behind the scene seems to me clearer release after release.
     Thanks for the effort!

  • 29 October 2015, from Pascal B:

     A wiki engine very scalable/malleable to adapt at our need (except to prepare the coffee ...for instant) using improved and last version technos (i.e. solr, bootstrap, etc.) a nice community to answer at xwiki problems, exaustive documentation, a lot of capabilities, xwiki evoluate so fast! what more can i say?
     except ... Thanks!

  • 28 October 2015, from Rolf LANG:

    We try to use xwiki for our intranet, catching some configuration problems. We ask for support via xwiki user mailing list and received professional response by clemens. Finaly we could release xwiki as our intranet solution. Thanks!

  • 5 June 2015, from Marc Mercer:

     Given the popularity of Confluence - I wonder how many people would be interested in XWiki Hosting - more features and better editor

  • 10 May 2015, from Mahomed Hussein:

     Thanks for this. The power of xwiki and the great job the developers/contributors have done never ceases to amaze me! I love it emoticon_smile 

  • 8 April 2015, from Niels Mayer:

     [...] What is XWiki?? It can be used to build very custom websites, or an open source Atlassian Confluence : http://www.xwiki.com/en/comparisons/xwiki-vs-confluence ... It is *amazing* the coolest Java (plus Apache Velocity, Groovy language, Hibernate Query Language or XWiki Query Language for database work, etc) program ever written.

  • 19 September 2014, from Thomas Steinbach:

     It's Christmas time... not really, but something like that. XWiki 6.2 is out with brand new responsive Flamingo Skin as default. I am very excited to upgrade my instance today 

  • 18 August 2014, from O.J. Sousa Rodrigues:

     You guys have been very patient and always at it, thank you for that and for this amazing plattform.

  • 16 July 2014, from Marc Audefroy here && here:

     @vmassol Je suis en train de tester #XWiki pour l'intégrer dans mon entreprise. Les quelques bugs que je rencontre sont rattrapés 1/2
     @vmassol par la qualité de votre support. J'espère pouvoir convaincre ma société de l'utiliser! emoticon_smile

  • 15 July 2014, from Marc Audefroy:

     La rapidité et la qualité des réponses des créateurs de #xwiki est vraiment agréable. Merci @vmassol emoticon_smile

  • 1 July 2014; from Danilo Oliveira:

     I developed Knowledge management project based on XWiki solution in my company. Our aim was to offer a valuable and intuitive tool that could help the users organizer the documentation and information of their projects and departments. It is being a success, the extensibility and its functional scope allowed concentrate all the documentation sharing, blogs, forum, and base knowledge of different areas in the XWiki solution!

  • 5 June 2014, from Patrick Masson:

     Again-so impressed w/ @XWiki support-before I even knew I borked my wiki's access settings support contacted me to see if I needed help.

  • 27 February 2014, from Patrick Masson:

     Asked @xwikiorg users aquestion & got, "I'll publish a macro for this" now that's #opensource community Thxs Marius Dumitru Florea!! @XWiki

  • 5 December 2013, from Patrick Masson:

     10+ years of experience w/ @confluence & I must say, I'm hard pressed to find anything that I need there, that @XWiki does not provide.

  • 4 December 2013, from Patrick Masson:

     Very impressed w/ @XWiki Just starting w/it but I'm sure there are many more features I'm not even aware of yet. Thx for all your support.

  • 18 September 2013, from Denis Gervalle:

     Nous utilisons XWiki depuis ses débuts, et notre enthousiasme va croissant. XWiki est devenu bien plus qu'un wiki, aujourd'hui, c'est une puissante plateforme pour le développement d'applications en ligne et de site web hautement interactif. Emmené par une communauté de développeurs expérimentés qu'il est enrichissant de fréquenter, XWiki tend vers un niveau qualitatif supérieur à la moyenne des projets open-source, pour une maintenabilité et évolutivité supérieure, motivant la contribution.

  • 17 September 2013, from Dmitry Bakbardin:

     XWiki is a quite good extensible platform with a friendly team of Developers and Contributors. The best solution for both intranet projects, collaboration and knowledge base systems and public sites.

  • 17 September 2013, from Roman Muntyany:

     * Comparable in functionality to Confluence
     * Vast set of extensions
     * Flexible and mature extension APIs
     * Active and responsive community
     * Written in most popular programming language: Java
     * Healthy project architecture and development process
     * Focus on quality
     We have used several opensource wiki systems, but in terms of ease of configuration, support and functionality - XWiki is the ultimate winner emoticon_smile

  • 12 September 2013, from Maxime Sinclair:

     Un wiki facile à utiliser, personnalisable (pour ne pas dire programmable) et réellement orienté entreprise (sécurité avancée, intégration LDAP, ferme de wikis, socle technique adaptable).

  • 25 July 2013, from Jordi Duran Cals:

     @XWiki I have just done. Becaouse XWiki is a fabulous developing platform, congratulations for your great work.

  • 7 July 2013, from Catalin Cimpanu on Softpedia:

     Java is one of the most stable platforms around and, when it comes to Java-based wiki platforms, XWiki is probably the best open source solution you can currently find.
     Developed with all the features you'd expect to see on Wikipedia itself, XWiki is truly an enterprise solution, even if it's free to use under the LGPL license.

     Under continuous, regular, and well-planned development stages throughout the past years, we saw XWiki evolve from its 2.x branch to its current 5.x version, boasting up with features, themes, and extensions in a stable, slow pace.

     The way we viewed XWiki has evolved from: "Let's see if the platform supports this feature" to "Let's see what feature the platform doesn't currently support."

     Our view has also changed from viewing XWiki as a another boring Wikipedia clone to a solution that can be recommended not only for wikis, but for Intranets, Web portals, knwoledge bases, full-blown CMSs, CRMs, and many more.

  • 18 June 2013, from Ramez Kamel, here and here:

     @XWiki Rocks
     Well, (re)discovering it. Looks to me that you coined a number of features !
     it's well thought, and the 3rd party integration features. Wonder how hard it is to implement custom stuff (in java, i'm a newbie)

  • 14 May 2013, from Richard Logan-Baker:

     Just been working with @XWiki I must say, once you've got it set up, you have a very powerful tool at your hands. Also very friendly IRC! emoticon_smile

  • 3 April 2013, from Ezra Freelove:

     The only answer so far to the hosted KB: XWiki. Fulfills everything on the list.[...]

  • 13 January 2013, from Keith Davis:

    "...I just love the WYSIWYG editor and the LDAP authentication was extremely easy to configure with Active Directory. We all know that if documentation is too difficult, it won?t get done (well, it won?t get done even more than it won?t get done if it?s easy.) And this system is EASY to use ? the ability to upload images, the migration from MediaWiki (while was somewhat manual  was made easier by the fact that XWiki supports most of the MediaWiki syntax.) All in all, it?s a great system that we look forward to using for years to come!"

  • 2 October 2012, from Jimmy Stridh:

     Checking out @XWiki for internal docs&intranet. Looks perfect; ldap,rights mgmt,forum,profiles,FOSS,wysiwyg,attachments & nice gui

  • 31 August 2012, from Martino Dell'Ambrogio (Kyos IT Security):

     Our company has been making extensive use of XWiki since 2010. We use it in our core infrastructure, for customer documentation, as a knowledge base and notes taking tool during audit missions, and more. Actually, all of our business procedures make use of XWiki at least once, since they are written in it. It is a very powerful, versatile and user-friendly application that has, in our opinion, no real competitor in the OSS world.

  • 25 July 2012, from Turko Digital Marketing:

     We have now been using XWiki for approximately 2 years now. We use XWiki for managing our internal knowledge base, stocking technical and strategical documentation. Quite stable, we have been able to manage information for clients such as AXA, GE and Air Canada. The "Print as PDF" feature is very useful for our needs. Highly recommended !

  • 06 July 2012, From D-Spair on IRC:

     After having used XWiki for a documentation store for more than 5 years, I have yet to find a product that makes maintaining documentation any easier . . . For ANY price.

  • 22 June 2012, from Trustin Lee (here and here):

     It's highly extensible and has very nice WYSIWYG editor that is useful to both an advanced user and a beginner.  Fine-grained ACL, comment / annotation system, full-text search, and PDF export are bonus. [...]  #XWiki is awesome!

  • 23 February 2012, from Thomas Steinbach:

     XWiki rocks! It is a great pleasure for me keeping my knowledge in my all-available, all-accessible xwiki and every release is like birthday.

  • 23 February 2012, from Yannick Loth:

     #XWiki is a great tool once you understand its concepts and how it works!  You may be proud, XWiki team!

  • 12 February 2012, from Ali-Reza Anghaie:

     Why are people so married to Confluence? I can't find one aspect of it I like better than XWiki and bunches I dislike immensely. Grr.

  • 4 November 2011, from John Gordon on a blog post:

     I've been looking for an open source wiki with rich text editing. In some ways it's the OpenOffice replacement for Sharepoint.

  • 29 October 2011, from Jeremie Lagarde on IRC:

     This plugin is my first contact with the xwiki code , and it's a real pleasure to do that  emoticon_smile good job for the xwiki team

  • 12 June 2011, from Thomas Steinbach:

     I had never regret my decision years ago of taking XWiki. There were so many but just XWiki is real fun - serious fun! Thnx Sergiu and the rest of the XWiki DevCommunity.

  • 5 April 2011, from Nell Cenizal:

      By far the best wiki apps for the mere mortals. Keep up the good work guys. You have one converted evangelist right here from precursor wiki application.

  • 5 February 2011, from Illia Romanenko:

     So far we very impressed by xwiki at @open_taxi - best wiki i've ever seen - and it's for java - amazing

  • 25 January 2011, from Alex Jakobsen:

     Spent most of the day working in @XWiki. Immensely powerful Wiki - the possibilities are endless.

  • 16 December 2010, from Sean Blezard:

     Realised that my dislike of documents is actually a dislike of Word documents.. loving loving loving #xwiki

  • 26 March 2010, from Julien Viet:

     Impressed by XWiki rendering module, it's very powerful with quality design.

  • 22 March 2010, from David Brown:

     Converting from MediaWiki to xWiki. The power xWiki gives you compared to MediaWiki is incredible.

  • 15 March 2010, from Dean Del Ponte:

     Just used the #xwiki office document import feature. Very impressed. My proprietary Word doc imported quickly and error free.

  • 11 March 2010, from Irene Senra:

     What a great tool! Thank you. Very user friendly and self explanatory.

  • 6 March 2010, from Jessica Hawkwell:

     XWiki: Number 1 in Java Web Application Customer Support Satisfaction

  • 12 Feb 2010, from Henry Story:

     I think XWiki is an Operating System, with aim to replace emacs, so yes you can do whatever you want

  • 12 Feb 2010, from Roman Anastasini:

     XWiki is my personal favorite. Easy to use, easy rights management and completely stylable.

  • 10 Feb 2010, from Jeremie Bousquet:

     For the rest, I must say that on the other side, and even with some (known) flaws, xwiki is not comparable to other wikis I know. No one offers such liberty and customization possibilities. I use it for some years now at work (since v0.9) and migrated regularly to last versions, and progression is incredible, in terms of features and usability.

  • 31 Jan 2010, from Jessica Hawkwell:

     XWiki is an awesome thing.  My site is like LiveJournal + PhotoBucket + some generic hosting + SquareSpace all rolled into ONE

  • 31 Jan 2010, from Dilipkumar J:

     XWiki's flexibility & maturity makes it a progg platform & a wiki. Kudos to dev team @ XWiki for creating & sustaining this amazing software

  • 24 Nov 2009, from Agent Pugsly:

     I consider XWiki Watch to be one of the most awesome pieces of software I've seen in a while. Wish I had a citizen journalist network....

  • 14 Nov 2009, from Brian Munroe:

     If it were legal to marry a software product in Nevada, I would marry XWiki.

  • 23 Oct 2009, from Sabin Buraga:

     XWiki is not a simple wiki, but a mature Web 2.0 platform that we successfully use it since 2005 in the academic context

  • 22 Oct 2009, from Jessica Hawkwell:

     I love XWiki. Even MediaWiki isn't so easily customized.

  • 2 Oct 2009, from Niels Mayer:

     XWiki is the best thing to hit open source since Linux and Emacs :-)

  • 28 Sep 2009, from Lewis Denizen:

     Thank you to the Dev team for such a great XWiki 2.0 release!
     XWiki is the best wiki I've ever encountered - the ideas in it have really shown what Java + open source libs can achieve.
     The result is purely extraordinary! Thank you so much for such a great piece of software!

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