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1 1  Here are some excerpts of what users have said while filling the [[download form>>DownloadCode.DownloadFeedback]].
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3 +* Sent 11/12/17 11:42:45:(((
4 +> * when used as a knowledge base, it feels too heavyweight, complex, not very Wiki like, more like a full CMS, e.g. typing simple WikiLinks should create a link
5 +> * pages should be auto-saved
6 +> * MarkDown support by default
7 +>
8 +> like the professional and clean, Java based approach, very feature rich and evolved over a long time
9 +)))
3 3  * Sent 27/11/17 14:36:06:(((
4 4  > To be fair, I am used to Confluence and MediaWiki (also Twiki, but not often).
5 5  > I am running on Ubuntu 16.04 but simple things don't seem to work, like the Code macro. And it's very difficult to understand why. I am a software developer, and while I would like to take the time to debug, diving into the Wiki code (a productivity app) while attempting to document other projects just can't be a priority right now, so we'll probably move on to a different platform.

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