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4 4  > To be fair, I am used to Confluence and MediaWiki (also Twiki, but not often).
5 5  > I am running on Ubuntu 16.04 but simple things don't seem to work, like the Code macro. And it's very difficult to understand why. I am a software developer, and while I would like to take the time to debug, diving into the Wiki code (a productivity app) while attempting to document other projects just can't be a priority right now, so we'll probably move on to a different platform.
6 6  )))
7 +* Sent 17/11/17 21:30:00:(((
8 +> A simple documentation flavour (minimal set of pages and extensions)
9 +)))
7 7  * Sent 15/11/17 15:54:54:(((
8 8  > For some reason I cannot see more than 2 subelement in the navigation menu.
9 9  > Also, moving a page is a nightmare -> In the most cases, I can't. And I don't know why or how to achieve my goal. The only feedback is "Forbidden sign".

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