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XWiki 10.5 Released

This release improves the visibility of the save button in edit mode and completes retro-compatibility of the new Notifications with the old Activity Stream by handling messages. Admins get more options on deciding how to protect extension pages from user modifications but also easy customization options for the Navigation panel. ...

XWiki 9.11.6 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 9.11.6. This is a bugfix release that covers important issues that we have discovered since 9.11.5 has been released. ...

XWiki 10.5RC1 Released

The XWiki development team is proud to announce the availability of XWiki 10.5RC1. This release allows to make the action buttons on an edit page always visible, enable the possibility to send user messages in the notification center and provide improvements to the administration UI of the navigation panel. ...

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Brabantia has been using the XWiki software mostly within their IT department. Its members are able to share information, procedures, use cases or best practices within their department as well as the other departments of the company.


“10+ years of experience w/ @confluence & I must say, I'm hard pressed to find anything that I need there, that @XWiki does not provide.”
Patrick Masson, General Manager OSI
“I've been a follower of XWiki [...] have tried pushing it on anyone considering confluence; it's one of the few open source projects that I know of that actually has more features and work in it than most of its commercial counterparts”
Marc Mercer, CEO of CT-Unlimited
“We've been pleased and impressed with the power and flexibility XWiki has provided. Everything we've wanted to build with our wiki-based product been possible due to XWiki's well planned architecture.”
Mike Hoolehan, CTO @vCalc LLC
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