How to increase the maximum attachment size

Last modified by Anca Luca on 2017/04/10

Question How to increase the maximum attachment size
Answer If you try to upload a large file as an attachment, you might receive an error. This is caused by two limits:
  • Some database servers have a limit on the maximum size of an action. For example, a default mysql installation permits only 1 megabyte statements to be executed. You can increase this limit if you have access to the server. For mysql, see .
  • XWiki has a maximum attachment size of about 10 megabytes. You can increase this limit by following the next steps (see here):
    • edit the XWiki.XWikiPreferences class and add a NumberProperty field of type long, named upload_maxsize; if the field already exists, you can skip this step
    • edit the XWiki.XWikiPreferences object and specify the desired maximum attachment size (in bytes)
Note that if you've already tried to attach a file and it failed, in order for the new size setting to be taken into account you might need to clear the your browser's cache.
Created by Sergiu Dumitriu on 2007/03/06

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