Question How To Put On The Sidebar Like The XWiki Homepage ?
Answer I'm not sure what the question is here.. If it is adding the left sidebar use the following HTML code:

Depending on if you want this sidebar to be present in all pages or only on one page:

All Pages

In release 0.9 of XWiki you you just need to create a page XWiki.Menu in your Wiki. It will automatically added to all the pages on your Wiki.

In only one page

You can use the following HTML in your page:

<div class="left">
left block 1
<div class="left">
left block 2
<div class="center">
main content

Be carefull not to add white lines between the div blocks since they are transformed into paragraphs by the wiki syntax and Internet Explorer doesn't like it.

Created by Ludovic Dubost on 2005/11/02

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