Step 1: Creating a page

Last modified by Simon Urli on 2023/10/10

There are several ways to create a page on XWiki. Please find below all available ways

Using the Create button

First, click on the create icon:


Then you will see this screen:


Here, you can set a title and select the type of document you want to create.

Using in page links

Links can be used as pointers towards pages that do not exist yet. When used for this purpose, a link will appear underlined, with a question mark to its right.


Clicking on such a link will ask you to select a page type. After you click "Create" you'll see the page in edit mode. The new page will be created when you click on "Save & View". This way of creating new pages is quite handy since it creates your wiki's structure at the same time as the new content is added.

Directly entering the URL for the new page

This option is technical and not recommended for simple users because it requires knowing the URL format.

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