Changing the logo and the panels

Version 8.1 by Silvia Macovei on 2014/10/31

Changing the logo and the panels

Changing the logo and the panels are the first actions you are likely to undertake when starting a new wiki. The following explanations apply to the Flamingo skin.

The following explanations provide you with basic guidelines. Please refer to the skin page and the complete skinning guide on if you're willing to heavily customize your wiki.

Hint: open links in a new tab in order to keep this page available for reference throughout the process.

Many methods can be used to change your wiki's logo. The method described here is the simplest of all:

  • Choose an existing image or create a new one
  • Resize it so that it is 220 pixels wide and 80 pixels high
  • Save it as a PNG file and name it "logo.png"
  • Upload the image as an attachment on the color theme page (e.g. for the Flamingo skin FlamingoThemes.FlamingoDefaultTheme) and then change the logo in the editor


Changing your wiki's background color

If you're using the Flamingo skin, you can also change your wiki's background color pretty easily:

  • Go to the Color theme page FlamingoThemes.FlamingoDefaultTheme and change the colors using the editor
  • Click on the "Save & View" button at the bottom of the page. Your wiki is now running under a new color scheme!


Changing your wiki's panels

In XWiki Enterprise, you can control the look and feel of your wiki:

  • Click on the "Administration" link at the top right of your page
  • Click on the "Panel Wizard" button
    • The "Page Layout" tab allows you to define whether you want a right column, a left column, both or none.
      • Click on the desired layout
      • Click on "Save the new layout". Your wiki now has the columns you want it to!
    • The "Panel List" tab allows you to select which panels you want to display
      • Drag & Drop the panels you want to use from the middle of the page to the columns
      • Drag & Drop the panels you want to remove from the columns to the middle of the page
      • Drag & Drop the panels you want to move from one place in the column to another
      • Once you're happy with the result, click on "Save the new layout" at the bottom of the page. Your wiki now has its new panels.

If you're experiencing problems using the Panel Wizard, please try using it with the Firefox browser.

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