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... ... @@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
10 10  
11 11  {{image reference="versioncontrol1.png"/}}
12 12  
13 -{{image reference="versioncontrol2.png"/}}
13 +{{image reference="versioncontrol2.5.png"/}}
14 14  //"History" as it appears using the Flamingo Skin//
15 15  
16 16  As the image shows, the document version consists of two numbers, separated by a dot: ##<Major>.<Minor>##. The XWiki versioning system allows the distinction between major and minor edits. When [[editing a page>>platform:Features.PageEditing]], the user has the option to decide whether his edit brings major or minor changes to the document. Saving a major version will increase the first component and reset the second to "1", while a minor version will just increase the second component.

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