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3 3  First generation wikis are used to collaborate on content. Second generation wikis can be used to create collaborative web applications.
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5 +Today most of user's needs are not satisifed because it takes too long and it's too costly to develop applications. Actually lots of adhoc applications are developed today using tools like Microsoft Excel. However when it comes to developing a collaborative web application Excel is not good enough. On the other hand a XWiki is a perfect infrastructure for this. __XWiki is the Excel of the web__!
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7 +Chris Anderson created the concept of [Long Tail>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_tail]. Applying it to XWiki gives the following diagram:
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5 5  {image:xwikilongtail.png}
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11 +What it means is that there are thousands and thousands of applications required by users that are _not_ built today because of prohibitive complexity and costs. These applications requirements are completely specific to the need at hand and cannot be reused as opposed to generic applications/frameworks. XWiki is a cost-effective solution that allows non-developers to create those required applications quickly.
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