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200 200  It's also possible to [[configure XWiki to extract the topmost heading>>platform:AdminGuide.Configuration#HTitlebehavior]] from the document's content. For example if you have a level 1 heading, it'll be used as the page title. If you don't have a level 1 heading but have a level 2 heading then the level 2 heading will be used as the page title. The heading level depth XWiki used for titles is controlled in [[XWiki's title configuration>>platform:AdminGuide.Configuration#HTitlebehavior]]. Since you're allowed to use any wiki syntax in headings, if a page doesn't have a title set (and titles are not mandatory) then any wiki markup in the topmost headings will get rendered when displaying the extracted title for that page.
201 201  
202 202  However this is a backward compatibility option and we do not recommend that you use it. The reason we deprecated this behavior that allowed styling the titles is because it leads to all sorts of issues:
203 +
203 203  * The title is used in several places including the browser's title or in LiveTable results and since those places forces to display the title in plain text, this means you'd see wiki markup or HTML displayed as is
204 204  * When the heading is generated through a script, if that script gets executed outside of the page's rendering context, it can lead to side effects and the page title displayed in LiveTable or other places can be completely wrong
205 205  {{/info}}
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208 += Locking =
209 +
210 +By default, when you edit a page, a lock is put on the page, till you either Save or Cancel the edition. If you just navigate away from the page without Saving or Cancelling, the lock will remain for a predetermined period of time (the duration [[can be configured>>Documentation.AdminGuide.Configuration.WebHome#HLockDuration]]). Anyone trying to edit a page that is locked will see the following warning message allowing you to know that the page is locked and also to force the lock.
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212 +{{image reference="lock.png"/}}
213 +
214 +If you force the lock then the last user who saves will overwrite the content with his version of the page and its metadata (objects, attachments, etc).
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