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37 37  {{info}}To make use of this feature for Languages with encodings that are not ISO-8859-1, you will need to adjust the encoding for your XWiki setup as documented in the [[Encodings page of the Administrators Guide>>platform:AdminGuide.Encoding]]{{/info}}
38 38  
39 -[[image:AdminLanguages.png||style="border:1px solid silver;"]]
39 +{{image reference="AdminLanguages.png"/}}
40 40  
41 41  = Switch to another language =
42 42  
43 43  By default the language displayed will be the one coming from the browser. However, on every page you can choose to switch between the different language translations that exist for the page. To do so click on the language name in the top right corner of the screen as shown in the following screenshots. Note that you can also force a language by suffixing a URL with ##language=<2-letter language code>##. In addition you can [[configure your wiki to always use a specific language or force a single language to be used>>AdminGuide.Configuration#HLanguagesettings]].
44 44  
45 -[[image:LanguageEN.png||style="border:1px solid silver;"]] <-//English// //Deutsch//-> [[image:LanguageDE.png||style="border:1px solid silver;"]]
45 +{{image reference="LanguageEN.png"/}} <-//English// //Deutsch//-> {{image reference="LanguageDE.png"/}}
46 46  
47 47  //For the [[Mandriva Club>>]] website, XWiki supports 25 languages:
48 48  
49 -image:Languages_MandrivaClub.JPG
49 +{{image reference="Languages_MandrivaClub.JPG"/}}
50 50  
51 51  {{info}}Once you click on a language, you're forcing it and thus all pages which have translations in that language will display these translations by default when you navigate to them.{{/info}}
52 52  
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54 54  
55 55  When you go to the edition mode you are able to edit the page in the default language. The default language is indicated on the right "Document Information" panel as shown below:
56 56  
57 -[[image:DefaultLanguageEN.PNG||style="border:1px solid silver;"]]
57 +{{image reference="DefaultLanguageEN.PNG"/}}
58 58  
59 59  In the "Document Translations" panel you can see the current language you are performing translations in and the alternative languages you may translate your page to. These are the languages you have previously set up in "Administration".
60 60  
61 -[[image:DocumentTranslations.PNG||style="border:1px solid silver;"]]
61 +{{image reference="DocumentTranslations.PNG"/}}
62 62  
63 63  In order to translate your document in a different language, click on one of the languages (e.g. Fr). As a result you will see the edition mode translated in that language.
64 64  
65 -[[image:DefaultLanguageFR.PNG||style="border:1px solid silver;"]]
65 +{{image reference="DefaultLanguageFR.PNG"/}}
66 66  
67 67  Once you save a document in one of the languages, that document becomes the original document and the language it is written in becomes the default language.
68 68  
69 -[[image:OriginalLanguage.PNG||style="border:1px solid silver;"]]
69 +{{image reference="OriginalLanguage.PNG"/}}
70 70  
71 71  {{info}}Note that all translations of one page share the same set of XWiki objects. As a result it is impossible to have different objects (and page tags, which are objects too) in different translations for now, but it is planed in next versions.{{/info}}

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