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5 = Nested Pages and SubWikis =
7 You organize content in your wiki by putting them inside pages (a.k.a Documents). Each page usually holds content on a given topic.
9 However there are several ways to organize your pages:
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13 Also note that the 2 options are not exclusive. You can have several wikis and be using Nested Pages in each. They're just 2 options that you can combine as you see fit.
15 == Using Nested Pages ==
17 You can create a hierarchy of pages, by creating pages inside other pages. This feature is called **[[Nested Pages>>platform:Features.ContentOrganization.WebHome||anchor="HTerminology"]]**. For example you could have a page "Product Team" inside a page "XWiki" inside a page "Rue Beaubourg" inside a page "Paris" inside a page "Ile de France", inside a page "France" inside a page "Europe" inside a page "Earth". When viewing the "Product Team" page you would see a Breadcrumb with the following (you can click on the ellipsis symbol to expand the tree):
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21 In order to view the full organization of your pages in the current wiki, we offer an [[Index Application>>extensions:Extension.Index Application]], which has a Tree-view. For example:
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25 We also offer Tree navigation in the breadcrumb for each level. For example:
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29 == Using several (sub)wikis ==
31 XWiki allows [[creating several (sub)wikis>>extensions:Extension.Wiki Application]]. There are a few reasons you may want to use a subwiki instead of using Nested Pages (inside a single wiki):
33 * You want to provide custom Applications/Extensions to a group of users of your wiki but not to others
34 * You want to implement an XWiki Farm where each wiki is seen as an island (own users, etc)
35 * There might be other reasons. See the detailed [[Wiki vs Nested Pages comparison>>platform:Features.WikiVsNestedPages]] for more technical details.
37 = Terminology =
39 * **Nested Page** (a.k.a **Non-Terminal Page**): This is a wiki page that can have children pages. Technically a Nested Page is implemented as a Space (i.e. a **WebHome** page).
40 * **Non-Nested Page** (a.k.a **Terminal Page**): This is a wiki page that cannot have children pages. Applications and script can create Terminal Pages. [[Advanced Users>>platform:Features.PageEditing||anchor="HAdvancedMode"]] are also able to create Terminal Pages from the UI. Standard Users are only able to create Nested Pages.
41 * **Nested Space**: A Space which has another Space as parent. Users only have to deal with Nested Pages, which is hiding the fact that Nested Pages are emulated using Nested Spaces. This is why the concept of Nested Spaces still exists.
43 = Migrating to Nested Pages =
45 If you're upgrading from a version of XWiki prior to the Nested Pages feature (i.e. XWiki < 7.2) to a version that supports Nested Pages, you may want to [[migrate your content>>platform:Features.ContentOrganization.NestedPagesMigration.WebHome]].

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