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149 149  = Bindings =
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151 -See all available bindings in [[the reference documentation page>>doc:extensions:Extension.WikiMacroStore.WebHome||anchor="HBindings"]].
151 +The usual XWiki [[scripting context bindings>>doc:extensions:Extension.Script Macro||anchor="#HBindings"]] are available in the scripts of the wiki macros, with the mention that contextual variables (such as ##$doc##) will point to the XWiki document (page) in which the macro is called, not to the XWiki document containing the objects that define the macro. This makes it easy to write macros that "apply" to the page where they're called.
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153 +Then, specific bindings for the wiki macro context are available, see [[the reference documentation page>>doc:extensions:Extension.WikiMacroStore.WebHome||anchor="HBindings"]].
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153 153  = WYSIWYG Access =
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155 155  A wiki macros is treated just like any other rendering macro in the system. As such, the moment you save your wiki macro it will be available to the users through the WYSIWYG editor's **Insert Macro** dialog box:

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