Wiki Macro Tutorial

Version 6.1 by Asiri Rathnayake on 2009/07/20

Wiki Macro Tutorial

Wiki macros allow macro authors to develop reusable and distributable macro modules. There is no java code involved; hence no compiling or packaging. Macro author simply needs to create a wiki page according to a particular specification and that's all!


  • Wiki macros are only available on XWiki Enterprise 2.0M2 and later versions
  • Wiki macro authors need to have programming rights
  • Wiki macros can only be defined inside the main wiki, though they can be used throughout a farm

Hello World Macro

We are going to start with a very simple xwiki/2.0 wiki macro which prints a greeting message to the document content. It isn't a very useful macro but the idea is to get you familiarised with the wiki macro creation process.

The XWiki.WikiMacroClass

Wiki macros are defined using objects of type XWiki.WikiMacroClass. You define a wiki macro by creating a new wiki page and attaching it an object of type XWiki.WikiMacroClass. This class contains following fields:

  • Macro name: Name of the macro, which will be used by users to invoke your macro.
  • Macro description: A short description of the macro, this description will be made available on the WYSIWYG editor (More on this later).
  • Macro content: The actual wiki content that will be evaluated when the macro is executed, can be any wiki content (should be in the same syntax as the document).

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