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Vincent Massol 4.1 1 These tutorials will show you how to build a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Application much like the one you can find on the [[FAQ page>>xwiki:FAQ.WebHome]].
Sorin Burjan 1.1 2
Vincent Massol 4.1 3 We're providing 2 tutorials:
Vincent Massol 7.1 4
Vincent Massol 7.3 5 * [[One using App Within Minutes>>platform:DevGuide.FAQTutorial.FAQTutorialAWM]] which is recommended for newcomers. You won't need any technical knowledge for this one.
6 * [[Another one using the notion of XWiki Classes/Objects/Templates>>platform:DevGuide.FAQTutorial.FAQTutorialManual]] which are the technologies used underneath by App Within Minutes. App Within Minutes is a wizard approach that will get you started but at some point if you wish to customize further your application created with it you'll need to [[learn the basics>>platform:DevGuide.DataModel]].
Vincent Massol 4.1 7
Vincent Massol 5.1 8 In addition you could also install the [[FAQ Application>>extensions:Extension.FAQ Application]] and check how it was implemented.
Vincent Massol 6.1 9
10 There's also an older (but still valid) [[Tutorial for creating a Todo application>>]].

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