Forms Standards: Inline Layout Usage

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Forms Standards: Inline Layout Usage

XWiki Forms (xform / xformInline) are general usage purpose CSS classes, that need to be used in order to have a consistent view of forms across XWiki.

  • Forms Layout Type:
    • Vertical Layout (xform): uses a dl-dt-dd structure 
    • Inline Layout (xformInline)

A. Usage

  • Obs: The CSS classes have as parent the .xformInline class. This is supposed to be used on the form tag, but if the styling is done inside dynamically generated structures it can be used on other elements, like divs, as long as the element remains the parent for the other form components. 
 Tag    Type     Size   Classes                                             Usage
                           Required      Optional       Container            
form                       .xformInline.half, .third                Container for the form controls
label                                                                           Descriptive label for the control
input     text     size=30                                                      
input     password size=30                                                      
select             size=1                                                       
input     submit           .button    .secondary  span.buttonwrapperButton controls
input     button           .button    .secondary  span.buttonwrapperButton controls
a                          .button    .secondary  span.buttonwrapperButton controls

B. Components

1. Labels




<form action="." class="xformInline" method="post" name="form_name1">
      <label for="input_id1">Label</label>
      <input id="input_id1" name="input_name1" type="text" value="" size="30"/>
      <span class="buttonwrapper">
        <input class="button" type="submit" value="Button"/>



.xformInline label {
 color: $theme.textColor;
 font-size: .85em;
 font-weight: 700;
 margin-bottom: .3em;
 text-transform: uppercase;

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