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Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2022/01/25

Adds an item in the "Content" menu


The extension point adds the content inside the "Content" menu.

The order is controlled with the order UIX parameter. The element order increment is 10000 (i.e. "edit" is 10000, "add" is 20000, etc.).


You must have the "admin" right on the wiki to be able to create an UI extension.


This Extension Point is contributed by this extension and was added in version 9.3-rc-1 of that extension.

Content menus
Extension Id
Content to be provided

The code to add in the extension point.


  • To add a simple cloud button:


    <div class="dropdown" id="myButton">
      <a href="" role="button" title="My Button"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-cloud"></span></a>
  • To add a dropdown menu (heart):


    {{html clean='false'}}
    <div class="dropdown" id="myMenu">
      <a href="" data-toggle="dropdown" role="button" title="My Menu"><span class="glyphicon glyphicon-heart"></span></a>
      <ul class="dropdown-menu">
        #submenuitem('', 'My', 'myMenuMy', 'class', 'globe')
        #submenuitem('', 'Menu', 'myMenuMenu', 'class', 'flag')
        #submenuitem('url', 'title', 'id', 'class', 'icon')
Parameters to be provided
  • order: the order in which the item will be displayed. The lower the number is, the more to the left the item is. Examples of correct orders: 10000, 20000. Please let enough room to add other UIX between existing ones and your own. The current items (even if most of them are not really implemented as UI extensions) have these orders:
    More Actions40000

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