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17 17  XWiki's APIs are the methods that the XWiki development team consider safe for you to use (i.e. for which backward compatibility is guaranteed). They can be called from Java or directly from your wiki pages [[using a scripting language>>DevGuide.Scripting]] (Velocity, Groovy, Python, Ruby, etc).
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19 +{{info}}
20 +As users of the XWiki API you need to be aware of some important points:
21 +* You should never use a class having ##internal## in its package. It means this class is not a public API and XWiki developers can change it at any time. If you depend on such a class you're on your own and the XWiki Development Team doesn't guarantee its stability.
22 +* You should pay attention to the ##@Unstable## annotation. When you see code marked with this annotation it means it's a new public API that it still considered unstable and that can change at any time too. See [[Unstable Annotation>>dev:Community.DevelopmentPractices||anchor="H40UnstableAnnotation"]] for more details.
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19 19  == Scripting Reference Documentation ==
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21 21  You can now browse the XWiki APIs using the **[[Scripting Reference Documentation>>SRD.Navigation||queryString="xpage=embed"]]**.

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