At this point your wiki is empty, i.e it doesn't contain any wiki page. Since applications in XWiki are done in wiki pages you also don't any application available (e.g. Blog, User Directory, User Profiles, etc). In addition, you wiki doesn't contain any user.  

Thus the final step is to fill your Wiki with some initial content (i.e. wiki pages).

This is the job of the Distribution Wizard which automatically starts when you are browsing your new XWiki instance for the first time.

Before XWiki 8.0, the Distribution Wizard was automatically creating an "Admin" user (with a password of admin - in lowercase), which you can then use to log in your wiki. Starting with XWiki 8.0, the Distribution Wizard has a wizard step to let you create an admin user of your choice.

The default distribution is a fully configured wiki that you can use as a starting point for creating your own wiki content. It provides the following:

Manually Import Wiki Pages

Alternatively, you could skip the Distribution Wizard (this can be useful for example if you're offline and wish to install XWiki). However you'd need to perform either of the following operations:

  • Create new pages by hand
  • Import the default Wiki that we are providing as a XAR file by using the Import feature. Since there's no Admin user created at this point, you'll need to log in as superadmin to be able to perform this import. 

If you're upgrading an existing wiki using the manual Import feature, be careful that the XAR import operation will replace the content of the existing pages of your wiki with the content of the XAR (New pages that you have created will not be modified). As a consequence it's critical that you perform a backup first and read the upgrade nodes bellow carefully.

On the other hand, if you use the Distribution Wizard, it'll automatically perform a merge and prompt you for action in case there's a conflict it cannot resolve automatically. Thus using the Distribution Wizard is what we recommend.

Created by Vincent Massol on 2017/09/06

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