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51 51  == Filesystem Attachment Store (Since XWiki Enterprise 3.0M2) ==
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53 -{{warning}}
54 -* The Filesystem Attachment Store is still in beta. It has passed all of our tests with flying colors but we need your help to make absolutely sure that everything is right before turning it on by default.
55 -* Known issue: the Filesystem Attachment Store is [[not able>>]] to deal with images contained in imported Office documents.
56 -{{/warning}}
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58 58  The Filesystem attachment store saves your attachments in files in a directory tree. This means you will have one more thing to do when you back up your data but it also means you can save larger (over one gigabyte) files. Filesystem attachment store implements a two stage commit mechanism to maintain integrity even if the database fails to commit the attachment meta-data.
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60 60  === Filesystem attachment store location ===

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