Administrator's Guide

Version 20.1 by Vincent Massol on 2016/02/26

Everything you want to know about administrating XWiki, from Installation to backups and more.

Admin Topics

Learn how to install XWiki on your machine or upgrade an existing installation.
Learn how to upgrade your XWiki installation to keep it up-to-date.
Learn how to configure and tune XWiki in various ways.
Learn how to backup and restore your wiki.
Multi Tenancy
Learn how you can have multiple wikis running on the same XWiki instance (i.e. same JVM) for great scalability.
Access a wiki
Learn the different ways to target a wiki when you have more than one wiki in your instance.
Applications installation into wiki-farm
Learn the peculiarities of application installation on wiki-farm
Import and Export pages to and from your wikis.
Tune the configuration to secure your wiki.
Access Rights
Define which users should be allowed to view and interact with your wiki.
User Management
Add, Edit, Delete and manage users.
Group Management
Add, Edit, Delete and manage groups.
Learn how to use a different skin and even how to create a complete new one.
Learn how to configure XWiki for UTF-8 or any other non-default encoding.
Configure XWiki's authentication mechanism (Database, LDAP, custom implementation, etc).
Configure XWiki's logging system.
Database Administration
Administer your XWiki database.
Configure how attachments are stored, whether version history will be kept and set size limits.
Performance Tuning
Improve your wiki's performance.
Short URLs
Learn how to configure the XWiki URL scheme to generate short URLs.
You can run multiple instances of XWiki on the same database to be able to do load balancing. Here's how to do it.
Monitor a running instance using JMX
AntiSpam Techniques
Various strategies and tools to fight spam in public XWiki instances

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