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3 3  For the past year, every Thursday, we organized a BFD (Bug Fixing Day) event. The purpose of this was to invert the [[bugs created vs bugs fixed ratio>>]]. We managed to organize 44 events, closing more bugs than there has been created bugs over a year, then over 2 years, then over 3 years, then over 4 years and we’re very close to succeed for the last 1600 days (ie 4.4 years).
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5 5  For the 5.x cycle we managed to [[close 582 bugs>>]] during the (21 Febr 2013 - 5 Febr 2014) period:
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7 7  There were 18 community members participating in the 5.x cycle BFD events and we like to thank everyone for their contributions.
8 8  Note that there are still 370 opened bugs which were created since the beginning of the project, so plently of fun for everyone.

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